HHAI 2024 workshop on AI in Africa and SDGs: Bridging Networks and Fostering Climate Action

Date:  11th of June 2024

Location: Malmö, Sweden

Deadline: Tuesday 23rd April, selection by 4th week April

Conference: https://hhai-conference.org/2024/workshops-tutorials/

The “AI in Africa & SDGs: Bridging Networks and Fostering Climate Action” workshop, hosted by Naixus, aims to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) for advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on climate action in Africa. This event features a Half-Day Workshop exploring AI’s role in climate resilience, sustainable agriculture, and policy support for SDGs, alongside a Discovery Workshop facilitating brief, impactful presentations on AI innovations for SDGs. Designed to stimulate discussion, encourage collaboration, and showcase AI solutions, the workshop seeks to connect researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and communities across Africa. By highlighting successful AI projects and fostering knowledge exchange, this initiative endeavors to strengthen networks for AI and SDGs in Africa, outline actionable strategies for leveraging AI in climate action, and contribute to the achievement of SDGs through innovative technological applications. Open to a wide range of participants, the workshop is a step towards creating a sustainable future through the intersection of AI technology and sustainable development in Africa.

All papers should be a maximum 6 pages in length. Position papers can be shorter (2 pages). One additional page of cited references is allowed. You may also attach full papers of any format or length that supplement your submission, but we do not guarantee to take these into account in the reviewing process. You may submit work that has previously been published — but please give details of how it has previously been published. Our review process will not be blind: please submit your contributions as PDFs containing the authors’ names. We are expecting this paper to be presented in the format of a talk between 5-10 minutes.

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